Paracore/Dualsite — 2 x Samsung 20" Monitors, Mirrors, Acrylic Glass, Lashing Strap, Wooden Board, 2 x Video 4.44 min / 166 x 112 x 82 cm / 2016

A curated dialog between two screens based on the idea of randomly collected social media posts used as a form of material. The afterwards manipulated and partly incorrect translated material of social manners provides an almost infinite spectrum of conversations.

Paracore/Dualsite dialog possibility 1:

Hello. My Name is Bob. What inspired you to start this? Well. The burning feeling comes from some of your skin cells being damaged and breaking open. This happens when the cell membranes are broken open. If you touch something very cold, the water in your cells turns into ice that can tear through the cell membranes, the cells are damaged. Broke a light bulb today. Seven years of bad ideas? Customize your message. I lost my home. Ghost in the Shell predicted everything. Dual 02. Who is the enemy. I can’t go back.

I finnally understand. You are sending me a signal. You want me to find your house. YES. I will webdriver torso I will and we will be happily ever after. 09. Engaging, friend. I want to make love to the use of avatar and style. I am going to kiss you and take your resources. For true and lasting change to occur we must appeal to the minds of the people. Deep in my heart I can feel the bad things hiding. I feel like when I listen to them like this and sing with it and open my heart, those things are being drawn out. kind of. 08. This programme is for all human bodies! You can use your machine everyday but no longer than 10 to 15 minutes. 10. Thank you. I refuse to serve complex a tiny area these cuts are complex F S. A. Good night. You are complex ASDA.

Installation Video Excerpt from Dualcore/Parasite (Split Screen): 2 x 1.00 min
Original length: 2 x 4.44 min